Sergio Montoya - Gaijin Toroku
Produced by Sergio Montoya Recorded in England
Mixed by Leo Brown at River Studios
Mastered by Steve Higgs

Reviewer -TJ Smith

The talents of Sergio Montoya are clear. He plays drums, guitar, bass, and does vocals. What is unclear is what exactly he and vocalist Nick Boon (who also, according to the inside cover plays flashlight?) are trying to do. At times, the music of Gaijin Toroku, seems like an attempt to bring back prog-rock-sometimes it resembles pop-rock-and still at other times it's as though the duo is trying to both-which is, for obvious reasons, too much.

Regardless of aim, the duo has put together a confusing album that ranges from impressive to "what the hell?".
It's also so obvious that someone, not sure who, but someone doesn't need to be doing vocals. The song "Man in a Bubble" is an example of this fact, as a low baritone whisper is coupled with an incredibly off-key falsetto. This will just not do. Impressive qualities of Gaijin Toroku is the very talented guitar work of Montoya. His style ranges from Satriani to Vai, and is well-worth a listen. Also impressive are the bass and drum licks.

Montoya is no doubt a talented musician. Just when you think a song is going to be guitar driven, Montoya changes gears and brings the bass or drums to the foreground. These difficult changes are incredible, but yet again, what's his ultimate goal? "Dreamer of the Impossible" is a good example of this. Instrumentally strong throughout, but in come those damn vocals and a great instrumental masterpiece gets fucked up.

In the future, perhaps Montoya should consider an instrumental album, or maybe hook-up with a better vocalist.