October 2003

Los Bros. Montoya are at it again, recording a new CD with a new adventurous line-up and 13 songs about flies, jewels and the cat.
February 2004

Mixing of the upcoming CD is under way at eRRatic Studios.

MONTOYA is out now. Check out some mp3s at our audio page.
You can buy it online at CDbaby.com.
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October 23rd - MONTOYA Radio interview
Rock-n-ñ  WLJS 92J Jacksonville, AL
11am (central) You can listen to it live at WLJS' website.
November 2004

MONTOYA Live dates:

November 18th - Liquid Lounge at the EMP , Seattle
               w/ The Nigel Mustafa Memorial Quartet
December 4th  - ToST, Fremont.
DOWN FOR THE COUNT at the Lower East Side Festival, NY
A film by Gino Montoya

October  2004
December 2004 / January 2005
MONTOYA Live dates:
January 21st - Trabant Chai Lounge , Seattle - 8 pm
                  w/ Nabil & Martin
January 5th - the Rendezvous , Seattle - 10 pm
              w/ Good Face for Radio   FREE ADMISSION
January 7th - 321 , Kennewick, WA - 8pm
  w/ Dolores  &  The Loshas

Video premier

The video for SOLO will air on Terry Love Presents

Tune in on Jan 12th Late Night at 12:30 AM on channel 77
in the Seattle area. 

You can also download it from our audio/video page.
MONTOYA Live dates:
January 2005
DOWN FOR THE COUNT at the 2005
Bare Bones International Independent Film Festival  Muskogee, OK - April 18-24, 2005

February 2005