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eRRatic Music Inaugural Flight     (December 2000)

eRRatic Music and "Gaijin Toroku" had an official launch party at the presitigious British Airways London Eye, in the UK..
We went on the Wheel and listened to the CD with a very special group of friends. 
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SMB on the lookout for adventurous musicians. (February 2001) Sergio Montoya is looking for musicians for a Gaijin Toroku Band. He hopes to have this outfit touring and recording in the next couple of months.
Filming of the Narcissus video begins.   (March 2001)  Guitar player and film enthusiast Gino M. directs and produces the first video clip for a song from the Gaijin Toroku CD. The script of this masterpiece is loosely based on "Narcissus" and features a Vampire Priest, a Girl and a dog. Soon! on a cheap theater near you...     
"Biography of Ferns" at the ARTDRILL IV,  Friday May 25th, Seattle-WA. (May 2001): Biography of Ferns (featuring Sergio Montoya on Drums) will play at the ARTDRILL IV on Friday the 25th.
Biography of Ferns will be playing live at Graceland, in Seattle-WA . (June 2001) The other bands playing the Gig are "Chief" and  "Burning Crusades".
This show will be on Monday the 25th at 7pm.
Narcissus Video Update(July 2001) We finally got the Super 8 rolls from the developing company in NYC, and to our surprise, one of the rolls, which contained some scenes crucial to the narrative of this "epic flick" was UNDEREXPOSED (a word we are familiar with) therefore too dark to see anything. So the cinematic department here at eRRatic Music decided to REFILM on video, so the opus would be half Super 8 and half Video ...if we ever get to finish filming it, of course...
Gaijin Toroku on Sale.  ((July 2001)  Sergio Montoya's debut CD, Gaijin Toroku is now available by mail through this website and also through .
Visit our online record store for more information.

Please note that the Album is MORE expensive at due to their sales commission.
Biography of ferns in Concert.  (August 2001)  B.O.F. will be playing at the I-Spy (Seattle) on Tuesday the 7th. As you may know, the drum stool of this Majestic Art-Punk Combo is occupied by our own Sergio Montoya. The other bands on this occasion are Last Great Liar and Marazene Heartbeat Clock. See you there, kids!
Biography of Ferns "en Concierto".  (September 2001)  B.O.F.  back at Graceland (Seattle) for one more night of Funk and Dirt!
Thursday September 6th.
B.O.F. on KEXP 90.3 fm. (September 2001)  The boys in the band will perform and talk on a radio show at KEXP, Seattle. This will be a good chance to set the record straight on all the controversy surrounding them.  September 15th at 6pm.             listen to KEXP online
B. of F. live at the I-Spy.  (September 2001)   The Ferns will be taking everyone to funky town at the I-Spy (Seattle).
Wednesday September 12th.
Photo courtesy of Wand.
Here's Sergio Montoya sitting in with rock band "Wand", at the Ballard Firehouse.
Biography of Ferns Live Dates. (October 2001)   B.O.F. will play live on the 6th of October at the Lock and Keel tavern in Ballard and on the 12th at the Redmond firehouse (WA).
Gaijin Toroku reviewed. (October 2001) Do we suck or do we rock?  Apparently we do both!  Read a review of Sergio Montoya's solo debut on this month's issue of WestCoast Performer magazine.
Biography of Ferns.  (November 2001)     B.O.F. will play a concert on the 2nd of November at the University of Puget Sound (near Tacoma,WA) at 8 pm.
On Saturday Nov. 3rd the BOF will play at a house party... somewhere in Ballard.
B.O.F. at Easy Street Records.  (November 2001)   Los Fernos will do an in-store performance at Easy Street Records on November 24th (4pm).
(Ballard, Seattle WA)
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Biography of Ferns live.  (December 2001)   B.O.F. plays at the Sit n' Spin (Seattle) on Monday the 10th (9 pm). The fruit bats will be there...
Mondo-Ngo News and January dates. (January 2002)  Mondo-Ngo , Sergio Montoya's second album of molten fusion and pop is almost finished and will be available around March. Also, Biography of Ferns will play a gig at the "Sit and Spin" (in Seattle) on January 18th supporting  "C Average".
B.O.F. in concert.  (February 2002)  the children of the fern will play the following                                    dates in February: 
                                Feb. 7th at the Crocodile, Seattle.
       Feb. 9th in Port Angeles, WA.
                                Feb. 21st at Graceland, Seattle.
                                Feb. 23rd at WSU in Pullman, WA
"1 3 6 9" CD review.  (February 2002)   Cuzco's latest release "1 3 6 9", featuring Sergio Montoya on drums, has been reviewed by Bulaka music magazine.
March concert dates.  (March 2002)

Sergio Montoya will be drumming with "Wand" on the 21st at The Central ,Seattle.
and with "Biography of Ferns" on the 15th, at the Paradox, Seattle (all ages show).
Mondo-Ngo News. (March 2002)  Mondo-Ngo is on its post-production stage and will be released by the end of March. Also, a misterious trio will perform some music from Gaijin Toroku and Mondo-Ngo. More info coming soon...