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"Clomping out of the gate like a bar band Tarantino would love, the brothers Montoya soon settle into '70s rock swagger with an ease that belies their age. Witness “Las Joyas,” which sways around drunkenly for the better part of its verses and then suddenly challenges you to a knife fight under the bridge" 
- Tablet Magazine

"The Brothers Montoya kick the door in, dripping with testosterone and tequila, and hammer out first cut “Jezebel," all blaring guitars and repetitive, slightly threatening choruses. After chasing you under the table and laughing gruffly at your timidity, they pull you out and buy you a round. By the first shimmery chords of next track, “Solo,” you’re lost in the delicate harmonies and trying to remember what all the fuss was about. And it only gets better."
- Kevan Breitinger -

"MONTOYA is the debut from brothers Gino and Sergio. Two guys makin' some basic rock and roll noise.  Cool!  At times, sounds like a Spanish version of the Black Keys but not quite as fuzzed-out.  Basic power rock-and-roll.  Track 6 - EL GATO - rocks!  Awesome!"
- Pat Turlo - WHMB Waterville, 89.7 FM

La banda Montoya les trae una mezcla de canciones en Ingles y Español desde el submundo independiente.  Montoya es el album debut de los hermanos Sergio y Gino.