1. The Public Enemy
2. Narcissus
3. Man in a Bubble
4. Pinchalos Despacito
5. Dreamer of the Impossible
6. Gaijin Toroku
7. Las Ratas en el Cine
8. Morada / Cuadrada
9. Gringo McKenzie's Mine
Gaijin Toroku (Remastered)
Release Date:  Dec 31 2012
Audio Format: mp3  320 Kbps
Length: 35 mins

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Recorded in the UK between July and November 2000. Overdubs 2011/2012

Music and Lyrics by Sergio Montoya and Gino Montoya

Original Release date: December 2000

Nick Boon: Lead Vocals and Flashlight.
Gino Montoya: Lead and Rhythm Guitar. 
Sergio Montoya: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Vocals.
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